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    Quality control

    Autocares Lact has been a provider in the area of passenger transport service ever since its origins in 1975, and is based on the primary principles of reliability, quality control and protection of our surroundings. Our Customers find that our reliability is guaranteed from initial contact until the end of service, and at a cost effective price.

    Quality control is our priority at Autocares Lact.

    To carry out our commitment to quality, as well as meet the expectations of our customers, we also demonstrate how much we care about requirements for good safe service and compliance with all applicable legal regulatory requirements.

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    However, all these demands are constantly changing. Therefore, our commitment to continuous improvement is fundamental if we want to do a good job. Due to this, we constantly update all certification and comply with international standards in recognition of our commitment to quality control and environmental protection.

    Our quality control and environmental policy takes into account pollution prevention, emissions control, proper waste management and the sustainable use of resources. All this helps us to maintain a strategic direction focused on risks and opportunities, together with our company processes.


    Quality Certificates

    Certificate ISO 9001:2015

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    Autocares Lact has always aimed for excellence in the workplace, and we have are certified in ISO 9001, quality management systems, an international standard that assures proper procedures are followed in the company regarding its services, management, infrastructure and Customer relations.

    Our constant concern has allowed us to constantly renew our commitment as time goes by.


    Certificate ISO 14001:2015

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    By complying with the requirements set forth by Environmental Management Systems ISO 1400, we work to protect our planet. We have been working hard year after year to increase sustainability through the processes we undertake, having reduced emissions by employing a modern fleet of vehicles, managing hazardous waste and working to provide a safer workplace.


    Certificate UNE 13816:2003

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    We decided to validate our services with the UNE 13816 Quality Management in Transport System and undergo continuous review of our services. The analysis is based on the seven pillars on which certification is based: service quality, accessibility, information, time, comfort, safety and environmental impact.