Company - Autocares LACT


    Autocares LACT was founded in Seville in 1975 and its name comes from the initials of its four founders, Lozano, Algaba, Christobal and Tabero. Then, one year later, the current Manager, Mr. Antonio Fuentes Cano, joined them. Through his effort and the help of his sons, he has managed to consolidate the company and turn it into the great family business it is today.

    Why are we a trustworthy coach rental transport company?

    Autocares LACT has always been characterized by fulfilling their COMMITMENT cto the client, thanks to the great team that we depend upon, including our office sales personnel as well as our drivers, with the object of guaranteeing total customer satisfaction.

    To help achieve the highest quality of our services, the management of the company has always opted to only acquire the best coaches in the market, and always equipped with the most advanced safety and comfort systems year after year. You can rest assured that the constant INNOVATION which the company has undergone, has turned us into one of the best companies in our industry in our area today.

    Providing service for over 40 years has given us great EXPERIENCE, a quality which is fundamental when hiring a service of this kind, since only an experienced company is able to quickly solve any issues which could come up during a trip.

    These values have made Autocares LACT a successful competent company, and beyond any doubt, your TRUSTWORTHY coach rental Company in Seville.